Summer Camp for Outstanding Graduate Students
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Peking University School of Environment and Energy

Summer Camp for Outstanding Graduate Students

“Experience Shenzhen Special Economic Zone,

Embrace PKU Shenzhen Graduate School”


Peking University Shenzhen Graduate School is a full-time institute of higher education and a vital component of PKU’s establishment of a world-class university. PKU Shenzhen’s educational objective is to “build in Shenzhen the world’s leading international campus” characterized by pioneering scholarship, interdisciplinary fields of study, applied academics, and international standards. PKU Shenzhen has brought together a top-notch team of international educators including noted faculty from Cornell University, Harvard University, the University of California and many more. Their presence at PKU Shenzhen has imbued the faculty with a cosmopolitan edge.

The School of Environment and Energy (SEE), located on the PKU Shenzhen campus, specializes in the fields of water resource management, atmospheric and environmental research, biomass energy, low-carbon technologies and management, and environmental finance and management. SEE operates in tandem with government and industry in the development of clean energy projects, efficient energy use campaigns, and interdisciplinary programs such as “New Energy and Environmental Finance.” In order to provide an opportunity for China’s brightest students to understand the dynamics at the international forefront of energy and environmental research and to foster academic interaction between students and faculty, SEE has organized a summer camp to take place July 12-16, 2014. Admitted students will gain valuable academic experience and an opportunity to apply their research. Specific arrangements are as follows:


1.      Program Dates

July 12 – 16, 2014


2.      Program Activities

Academic lectures, student forums, field exploration of the Shenzhen Mangrove Nature Reserve, student-faculty discussions, academic exchanges, field or laboratory internships, and more.


3.      Schedule


Activity Schedule

7-12 (Saturday)


7-13 (Sunday)

Welcome Ceremony

5 lecture courses including:

1.        Water resource management

2.        Atmospheric and environmental research

3.        Biomass energy

4.        Low-carbon technologies and management

5.        Environmental finance and management

Faculty-Student Association

7-14 (Monday)

The 6th Environment and Health Summer School (EHSS), jointly organized by City University of Hong Kong, Xiamen University, Peking University, and National Taiwan Ocean University. Activities include: student speeches, field study of the Shenzhen Mangrove Nature Reserve/Shenzhen Mangrove Seaside Ecology Park

(For more information, see http://www.cityu.edu.hk/bch/EHSS2014/)


7-15 (Tuesday)

Subgroup oral reports (campers present oral report discussing the results and/or analyses of their particular research topic) Mentor-subgroup discussions

Experience Shenzhen tour

7-16 (Wednesday)

Camper academic proficiency test

Laboratory tours

Closing ceremony

Certificate conferral ceremony

7-17 (Thursday)

And going forward

Subject or laboratory-based internships (to be planned with a corresponding mentor)


4.      Eligibility

1.        Must be a matriculated second- or third-year university student studying environment, hydrology, biology, chemistry, energy, economy, or other relevant field (class of 2015/2016);

2.        Must have excellent academic record, love for scientific research, and strong enthusiasm for environmental and energy concerns;

3.        Must have an honest character and no track record of misbehavior;

4.        Must be proficient in English;

5.        Relevant research experience or publication is preferred.


5.      Application Materials

1.        Summer Camp Registration Form (see attachment)

2.        Personal Statement (500 words or less; must include brief introduction of one’s educational background, research experience, field of expertise, etc.; must illustrate a legitimate future academic research path.)

3.        Subgroup Oral Report Topic and Abstract (Requirements: 300 words or less; written in English; PDF format.)

4.        Undergraduate transcript and class ranking within major (transcript must be a scanned copy of the original and stamped with the official seal from your school’s administrative office)

5.        Recommendation letter from faculty member (of Associate Professor ranking or higher)

6.        Other materials demonstrating academic research prowess and/or English mastery (e.g., English certificates, scientific achievement certificates, research publications, award certificates, etc.)


6.      Application Procedure

Final application deadline: June 18, 2014.

Procedure: Email completed application form together with other required materials to seesc@pkusz.edu.cn. Please be sure to indicate in the email subject line: Your university/college + field of study + name.


7.      Admittance Criteria

The School of Environment and Energy will admit students based on an evaluation of application materials and of academic merit. Enrollment will be completed on June 26, 2014. The final admissions list will be sent to applicants on June 30th.


8.      Enrollment Capacity

30 Students.


9.      Activity Fees

The School of Environment and Energy will cover the cost of one round-trip train ticket (hard sleeper) between Shenzhen and each camper’s home or university. If campers choose an alternative mode of transportation, any excess cost will be incurred by the individual. SEE will also provide room and board for the duration of the camp (12th – 16th). Be sure to keep all receipts for reimbursement purposes.


10.   Important Notes

1. Having been admitted, campers are asked to participate in all activities planned for the week.

2. If any part of one’s application materials is found to be false or misleading, PKU SEE reserves the right to immediately or retroactively revoke any benefits obtained from attending the camp.  


11.  Contact

Contact persons: Shu Zhou (0755-26032078), Nicole Jiang (0755-26033207)



Attachment 1 – Introduction to specialized research at PKU SEE

Attachment 2 – Summer camp registration form



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