Student Awards Recommendation Work of Our School during 2013-2014 School Year has been Completed, 37 Students Won Prizes
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Student awards recommendation work of our school during 2013-2014 school year has been completed recently as planned. There were 141 students participated in the competition, 1 students got Pacemaker to Merit Student, accounting for 0.71% of the all participating students;9 students got Merit Student, accounting for 6.38% of the all participating students; 8 students got Learning Excellence Award, including 1 Doctor and 7 Masters, accounting for 5.67% of the all participating students; 3 students got Social Work Award, accounting for 2.13% of the all participating students. The all prize accounted for 14.89% of all students. Besides, 1 student got Kwang-Hua Scholarship, 6 students got May Fourth Scholarship, 6 students got China Reconstruct Scholarship, a total of 13 students, accounting for 9.21% of the all participating students.

Our Student Awards Recommendation Work always adheres to the principle of openness, fairness and justice, Students Affairs Office and head teacher work closely with class committees to improve the selection methods and standardize the selection process. All the students took active parts in the competition. The selection results objectively reflect the good faces of the students’ learning, research and social work, which has played a positive role to fully mobilize the enthusiasm and initiative of students on learning, improve their own quality comprehensively, promote the construction of good school spirit.(Editor: Shu Zhou)

Attachment: SEE Students Winners List during 2013-2014 School Year

  • Innovation Award: Ying Liu (12 Dr.), Jin Jia(12 Dr.), Xiaodan Xiao (13 Master)
  • Pacemaker to Merit Student: Lili Xue (12 Master)
  • Merit Student: Jingjing Jiang (12 Dr.), Liting Jiang (12 Master), Xin Dai (12 Master), Huilin Yi (12 Master), Yan Jiang (13 Master), Xiaoxue Shen (13 Master), Mingqi Ying (13 Master), Shenglin Tan (13 Master), Menglin Li (13 Master)
  • Learning Excellence Award: Xiaofeng Cao (12 Dr.), Nv Tang(12 Master), Da He(12 Master), Lihong Sun (12 Master), Chuan Wang (13 Master), Shuo Wang (13 Master), Lulu Deng (13 Master), Xiao Qin (13 Master)
  • Social Work Award: Zeyi Zhang (12 Master), Zijun Zhang (12 Master), Gongqiang Ma (13 Master)
  • Kwang-Hua Scholarship: Jin Jia (12 Dr.)
  • May Fourth Scholarship: Baomu Song (12 Master), Guiling Gao (12 Master), Ying Zhang(12 Master), Xinwei Li (13 Master), Xiaoting Luo (13 Master), Shen Wang (13 Master)
  • China Reconstruct Scholarship: Lan Wang (12 Master), Fei Zhang (12 Master), Tao Li (12 Master), Mingfeng Zheng (13 Master), Yongsheng Zhu (13 Master), Yingying Zhang (13 Master)



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