Six Students Won the National Scholarship for Graduate Students over 2013-2014 School Year
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On the afternoon of September 29, our vice-president Guoliang Zhang chair the selection work meeting of National Scholarship over 2013-2014 school year. The review panel consists of representatives of professional teachers, teachers from Students Affairs Office, head teacher and student representatives, they reviewed 2 doctors and 13 postgraduates applicant. After the live presentation, respondent and voting, 1 doctor and 5 postgraduates stood out finally, winning the National Scholarship over 2013-2014 school year. The following will report their good deeds.

Ying Liu
2012 Dr.
Research: Study on Ecological Diversity and Application of Thraustochytrids in Coastal Waters Environment
Tutor: Shengji Luan, Jiayang Cheng
Personal description: I have published 11 papers (including 6 SCI papers, 4 National Core Papers, 1 English New Papers) and applied for 2 invention patents. I published 8 papers, among them 5 papers were published in the SCI, 4 papers were published in academic journals Q1, and applied for 2 invention patents as the first author during this school year from September 1, 2013 to August 31, 2014. In addition, there is 1 paper being reviewed by SCI. I have made significant progress in the aspect of study on diversity of thraustochytrids and production application of its DHA in the combination of traditional ecology and molecular biology. I was a key member participating in the construction and research work the national marine scientific research projects of nonprofit sector "Several Important Marine Microorganisms’ (Micro Algae) Active Products Engineering Technology Research and Application Demonstration" and special funds to support biological industry development plan in Shenzhen "Peking University Shenzhen Engineering Laboratory for Algae Biofuel Technology Development and Application”. I also participated in the research work of the National Natural Science Foundation Project. I served as a squad leader of Dr class in School of Environment and Energy from September 2013. I also worked as vice-president of Graduate Council of SEE from 2011 to 2012. In 2011, I worked as minister of art department on Graduate Council of Peking University Shenzhen Graduate School and was responsible for campus cultural activities, such as the evening party for new students and Top Ten Campus Singers Competition.
Speech: Thanks to the support of the big family-SEE. Thanks to the courage of friends in algal laboratory.

Jingjing Li
Grade: 2012 Environmental Engineering
Research: Biofuel
Tutor: Jiayang Cheng, Maurycy Daroch
Personal description: In study, I made great efforts to learn professional knowledge and modestly learned from tutor and seniors with high enthusiasm for scientific research. In the last two years, I spent most of my time in the lab. I encountered various difficulties in the process of experimental, but I accumulated the experience from failure and try, so I can have a more thorough understanding for the details. My main research is "Biological Application Development of Thraustochytrids". I have published 3 papers, and applied for 2 invention patents. In addition, there is 1 SCI paper being reviewed as the first author. When it comes to work, I served as class publicity committee, grassroots advocacy committee. Then I was promoted to propaganda chief of SEE Graduate Student Union and responsible for various publicity activities. I also joined in the Young Volunteers Association, Peking University Shenzhen Graduate School, doing as a volunteer to better serve the community, dedicate to the society and return social, and was named as" Outstanding volunteers ".
Speech: I am very glad to won the National Scholarship again, which is a great recognition for my efforts and future incentive from teachers. I always believe that there is no shortcut on the way to success. When standing on the crossway, we usually want to choose a way with the minimum pay, the lowest risk and the highest return .But the truth is that there is no such a way. Nobody can be both preacher and supplicant. Maybe you need to give up precious holiday, and stick to complete the experiment in the lab. Maybe you need to give up the opportunity available to challenge an unknown future. However, as long as know exactly what you want, and make efforts along the road, you will harvest eventually.
Motto: It is uncertain to have harvest when paying, but you have to pay to get harvest.

Ying Tian
Grade: 2012 Environmental Engineering
Research: Treatment and Resource Recovery of Solid Waste
Tutor: Qiyong Xu
Personal description: I graduated in Environmental Engineering from Ocean University of China and studied for a master's degree at Peking University from 2012. During the period of graduate study, I studied assiduously and inquisitively. In the second year, both of my academic and comprehensive performance ranked first in class. I published 4 papers as the first author and applied for 5 national patents, including 2 patents obtaining certificates and 3 patents in the review. Under the guidance of the teacher, I also participate in the project application of "Study on in Situ Denitrification Theory of Bioreactor Landfill" and "Study on Recovery Technology of Kitchen Waste– to-Energy Based on Mixing Bioreactor". In daily life, I take an active part in volunteer service activities, working as a volunteer in Young Volunteers Association and Academic Department of SEE Graduate Student Union.
Speech: We come nearest to the success when we can't go on walking forward. It is not easy to achieve success, and It's more difficult to succeed alone. I am very lucky to have amiable tutor and solidarity partners. Diligence and perseverance let me take the first step, and I will walk forward step by step carrying expectation of my family, teachers and friends.
Motto: Work hard in practical and let nature take its course.

Jie Zhang
Grade: 2012 Environmental Engineering
Research: Environmental Remote Sensing
Tutor: Tianhong Li
Personal description: I love to explore with untiring pursuit in scientific research. I am diligent and surefooted in study, so my academic achievement was at the top of my class. Thanks to the guidance of my tutor, I published paper "Forest disturbances detection with MODIS data and a bootstrapping SVM" in "Sustainable Environment Research" during the second school year. In addition, "Study on Remote Sensing Monitoring of Forest Disturbance Based on Bootstrapping SVM" was accepted by Journal of Basic Science and Engineering. In October 2013, I also participated in an international conference "Challenges in Environmental Science & Engineering" hosted by Korean, and presented the recent research results to international scholars in the form of posters. On December 11, 2013, I served as logistics of the venue to receive teachers in conference Major Research Plan Envisaged in Water Science Field’ Rivers Mass Flux and Regulation’. During the second school year, I founded Remote Sensing Club, and called a large number of students together to exchange academic results. The students came from Peking University, Harbin Institute of Technology and Beijing Normal University. I created three communication platforms, including Microblog, Douban and Wechat. We collected related information and posted it to platforms to discuss and share with professionals. Besides, I also served as 12th publicity committee of SEE Environment Engineering Party Branch, Beijing branch, actively assist to carry out Party Branch activities. At the same time, I also took part in Swimming Association of Peking University, and actively participate in community activities as a swimfan. I performed at the opening ceremony of
Speech: Keep a young heart. Continue to insist on enterprising. Be earnest and rigorous. Open my heart and don't be afraid of the world. Don't refuse to fresh knowledge. Study down-to-earth. Melt my heart to love the world, classmates and life.
Motto: From zero to hero.

Shenglin Tan
Grade: 2013 Environmental Engineering
Research: Ecohydrology
Tutor: Guoyu Qiu
Personal description: Both of my grades and comprehensive performances ranked first in Environmental Engineering and got full marks in some courses due to my hard working. I have published 6 papers in last school year. Among them, there are I published 4 papers in Chinese core and 1 papers in EI as the first author, 1 papers in Chinese Core as the second author. I also actively participated in practice activities and hosted" 2013 Dean Foundation Project of Peking University Shenzhen Graduate School". When I served as party branch secretary of Environmental Engineering, I organized some activities , such as” Low Carbon Environmental Protection, Green Travelling” and " Slogan Propaganda of Water Saving and Energy Saving ". I also hosted “2013 Single's Day Party of SEE” and “Award Ceremony of Yuezhong Scholarship and 2014 Graduate Academic Forum of SEE”.
Speech: I'm deeply grateful to the meticulous guidance of my tutor Prof. Guoyu Qiu! I'm deeply grateful to the teaching of all the teachers! I'm deeply grateful to the support from lab partners! Results just represent the past, so I will work hard together with everybody and continue to improve myself! Learning is just one hand, the most important thing is to be a good person and enrich your mind and soul!
Motto: Be a kind man. Be an experienced man.

Xiaodan Xiao
Grade: 2013 Environmental Science
Research: Environmental Policy and Management
Tutor: Xiaoming Ma
Personal description: I study hard and take each course seriously, so my study comprehensive evaluation result ranked first. In research, I mainly take charge of " Strategy Research on Shenzhen Water Pollutant Total Quantity Control ", " Work Programme Study on Shenzhen Sewage Total Quantity Control ", "Development Roadmap Research on Shenzhen Green Low Carbon" I also participated in"2014 Annual Report on China Low Carbon Financial Development ", " Environmental Risk Assessment of Shenzhen Key Industries "and " Environmental Impact Assessment of New Energy Vehicles". I published "The Design of Water Pollutant Emission Allowance Control Scheme in the City of Shenzhen, China" in CAET2014, received by EI. I was a member of propaganda department of SEE Graduate Student Union. Moreover, I organized and participate in many activities, such as Challenge Cup, Summer Social Practice, ”Half Past Four” School, Peking University Students Go into Taoyuan.
Speech: when I knew that I won the National Scholarship, I feel excited but more grateful! I have more power to meet a new challenge, more determination to chase my dream, more passion to write my life journey thanks to my classmates and tutor!
Motto:This moment will nap, you will have a dream; but this moment study, youwill interpret a dream.

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October 16, 2014

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