Workshop on “Low impact development – theory, practices and approach of landscape architecture”
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Workshop on “Low impact development – theory, practices and approach of landscape architecture” was held by SEE on Dec. 18 and 19, 2014 on the 2nd floor in Xili training center conference room. Over 30 specialists from environmental science and engineering, hydrology, ecology, urban planning, landscape design and other areas was invited to the workshop to discuss about the latest process of Low impact development (LID), science, engineering, planning and design problems of LID in China, and the mutual development between LID and urban planning as well as landscape design, in order to promote the development of LID in China.

Opening Scene of Workshop

  Host by Professor Qin                   Opening Speech by Secretary Tan            Speech by Professor Cheng

Opening ceremony was host by Professor Qin, vice dean of SEE, who firstly introduced the guests and leadership. Then secretary of Peking University Shenzhen Graduate School Tan Wenchang made an opening speech, and SEE Dean and Professor Jay Cheng, stressed the importance of sustainable development and its way. A lot of guests from numerous universities at home and abroad also attended the opening ceremony.

    professor Yu                                            Professor Jia

                       Professor Lin                                    Dr. Wang                                           Professor Li

On the morning, Professor Yu made a report named LID/GI: Progress, Barriers and Outlook to illustrate the problems and dilemmas at home and abroad in the research of low impact development. And then Professor Jia’s report named the LID-BMPs planning technology and cases of urban rainfall runoff control, systematically explained how to combine with the local situation to screen the scientific technology of LID and LID measures to optimize the layout problem. Professor Lin made a speech named sponge city – along with low impact development, talking about environmental problems in Taiwan. Dr. Wang’s report was named to make a sponge city through application of low impact development, and Professor Li’s was named structure system of water problem’s big decision, both of who made a good report.

    Professor Chen                                               Research Jiao                                        Engineer Ren
      Professor Qiu                                      Dr. Luan                                              Professor Qin
  Professor Han                                                     Professor Qiu

After a short break, the workshop began at 2:00 with 7 experts’ wonderful speech. Quantitative research of green roof environment young aunt function from Professor Chen, Evolutional point of low impact development theory and practice from Researcher Jiao, Urban Hydrology and LIDs from Professor Qiu, The landscape design of the new era - thinking and practice from green infrastructure perspective from Dr. Luan, Water level and the landscape design of Low impact development - with environmental protection industrial park as an example from Professor Qin and Professor Han, all stroke a success.


The workshop content involves hot environmental research fields in the landscape design and low impact development, with lots of high level research results in low impact development and application being fully discussed, making a good academic atmosphere.

Workshop on “Low impact development – theory, practices and approach of landscape architecture” has achieved full success under the support of leadership, professors and colleagues, along with organizers’ hard work.

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