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Affiliated Professors

Alexandra Navrotsky
Honorary Professor
Ceramic, Earth, and Environmental Materials Chemistry
(Professor, University of California, Davis)
Contact: +1.530.752.3292
Email: anavrotsky@ucdavis.edu
Clark C.K. LIU
Visiting Professor
Professor Emeritus, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Hawaii at Manoa
Eric Lam
Visiting Professor
Biotechnology in Agriculture and the Environment
(Professor, Rutgers University)
Email: lam@aesop.rutgers.edu
Gretchen Kalonji
Visiting Professor
Materials Science
(Professor, University of California)
Contact: +1.510.987.0250
Email: Gretchen.Kalonji@ucop.edu
JIAO Genglin
Visting Associate Professor
Species Taxonomy
(Associate Researcher, Shenzhen Fairy Lake Botanical Garden, Chinese Academy of Sciences)
Email: jiaogenlin@21cn.com
Michael Deng
Adjunct Associate Professor
Architectural Design
Email: minqu@urbanergy.com
Michael J. Siminovitch
Visiting Professor
Lighting Technology
(Professor, University of California, Davis)
Contact: +1.530.747.3835
Email: mjsiminovitch@ucdavis.edu
Norman R. Scott
Honorary Visting Professor
Sustainable Energy Systems, Renewable Energy
(Professor, Cornell University)
Contact: +1.607.255.4473
Email: nrs5@cornell.edu
Sam F.Y. Li
Visiting Professor
(Water Environmental Science)
Soon-Thiam KHU
Visiting Professor
Hydroinformatics and Urban Water Systems (Professor, Surrey University, UK)
Contact: +44.1483.68.6298
WONG Ming Hung
Visiting Professor
Environmental geochemistry and health
Contact: +852-91803113
Email: minghwong@ied.edu.hk
ZHANG Minghua
Visiting Professor
Environmental & Resource Science
(Professor, University of California, Davis)
Email: mhzhang@ucdavis.edu
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